After the success of the Editor's Cut of "Yellow Submarine", a sequel was made. This marks the English debut of Bell Boy, a Russian cartoon character who originally appeared in the Russian only cartoon "The Snuffbox with a Secret".

Summary Edit

The Beatles have discovered that there are rare cartoons out there. Those rare cartoons are similar to "Yellow Submarine", the movie they're in. And so, they stumble upon Bell Boy, a Russian cartoon character who is revealed to be a good friend of Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD.

Quotes Edit

"Hi! I'm Paul, who are you?"-Paul when he first sees Bell Boy

"Я реально! I'm real!"-Bell Boy proving to the Pepperlanders he's real

"Sorry boys, but you're making this up. Bell Boy is not real."-Lord Mayor after being convinced by The Beatles

"I think we should write a song for him."-John when he wants to write a song for Bell Boy