is one of the main protagonists and a friend of Paul, George, and Ringo.

Physical AppearanceEdit


In Search of HelpEdit

When Ringo and Old Fred first found him, it was in the form of Frankenstein. His form isn't explained, but after drinking a mysterious potion, he returns to normal.

Together they searched for, and eventually found, George and Paul in that order. The group heads to the Yellow Submarine and journeys off to Pepperland.

Sea of TimeEdit

Along with his friends, he aged both backward and forwatd. This prompted the group to sing "When I'm Sixty-Four." Eventually, they all reverted to their original age and continued on their journey.

Sea of ScienceEdit

Sea of MonstersEdit

Sea of NothingEdit

Foothills of the HeadlandsEdit

Sea of HolesEdit

The Submarine's ReturnEdit

Quotes Edit

In the movie:

"Hey Ringo, I just had the strangest dream."-When he is found

"Hey Jeremy, what do you know about holes?"-In the Sea of Holes

"Go glove! Lovely glove!"-When Glove is defeated

In the comic:

"Look at her eyes! They have that come hither look!"-When he sees the mermaid

"This salt gives me the energy to BOOT!"-Going into the sub

"Strawberry coral! As far as the eye can see!"-In the Sea of Consumer Products