is the Chief Blue Meanie's sidekick who, unlike the other Meanies, is overly abused and yelled at.


Max is short with a large "M" in the center of his wooly torso. He, like other Meanies, wears a mask but shares Goofy ears with the Chief Blue Meanie, the only difference being Max's ears are blue. He also wears Jackboots. The right boot is blue while the left one is purple.


Max's willingness to take his boss's abuse has proven his loyalty toward him yet has shown that he can be cowardly when the Chief Blue Meanie throws one of his fits.


Assault on PepperlandEdit

The Chief Blue Meanie, preparing to invade Pepperland, asks Max if the troops are in readiness. Max responds "yes," which angers the Chief Blue Meanie due to the fact that Meanies only take "no" for an answer. Max quickly corrects himslef and informs him that everyone is ready. Pleased, the Chief orders an attack, leading to an invasion. They managed to completely overtake the country with only one setback: Old Fred managed to escpae.

The Submarine's ReturnEdit

When the Blue Meanies were defeated, the Chief Blue Meanie and Max were asked by The Beatles if they would like to join them, the Chief asks Max if they should. Despite nodding, Max responds with a "no," knowing that a "yes" would make the Chief angry. The Chief Blue Meanie gets angry anyways and decides that "yes" is a better word. Max changes his answer to "yes," leading to the Beatles breaking into song.