James Paul McCartney, also known as Paul McCartney, is one of four main protaginists in the film "Yellow Submarine" which was originally made in 1968 and was re-made in 2012. Paul is the 2nd youngest beatle in the film at age 26. 


Quotes Edit

From Yellow Submarine:

"What's the matter fellas? Blue Meanies?"-When Paul enters

"Senile delinquents."-during the part when they all grow beards.

"Groovy! How do you start this thing?"-Asking Old Fred about the submarine

"You mean, you haven't composed, a 'hole' book?"-In the Sea of Holes

From the comic version:

"I brought a thaw from my tool kit!"-When they're trying to thaw Ringo

"Will it hurt?"-When the barber gives Paul a moustache and wants to shave it off

"Hey! How do I get back to those indians? I'd rather take my chances with arrows!"-In the Sea of Cinema

"This is no time to plug your songs!"-When George makes a reference to an actual Beatles song

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