James "Paul" McCartney
James Paul McCartney, also known as Paul McCartney, is one of four main protaginists in the film "Yellow Submarine" which was originally made in 1968 and was remastered in 2018. Paul is the 2nd youngest beatle in the film at age 26. 


Quotes Edit

From Yellow Submarine:

"What's the matter fellas? Blue Meanies?"-When Paul enters

"Why don't we show him our motor?" -Asking John to show Jeremy Hillary Boob, Phd. the motor to fix

"Senile delinquents."-during the part when they all grow beards.

"Groovy! How do you start this thing?"-Asking Old Fred about the submarine

"You mean, you haven't composed, a 'hole' book?"-In the Sea of Holes

From the comic version:

"I brought a thaw from my tool kit!"-When they're trying to thaw Ringo

"Will it hurt?"-When the barber gives Paul a moustache and wants to shave it off

"Hey! How do I get back to those indians? I'd rather take my chances with arrows!"-In the Sea of Cinema

"This is no time to plug your songs!"-When George makes a reference to an actual Beatles song