is one of the main protagonists and a friend of John, Paul, and George. He was the first Beatle to be introduced in the film and also the one who asked Jeremy if he would like to join the group to Pepperland.

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In Search of HelpEdit

Ringo is first met on the streets of Liverpool, where he laments that "Liverpool can be a lonely place on a Saturday night. And this is only Thursday morning." And that nothing ever happens to him.

As he ventures home, the yellow submarine follows close by. Though trying to hide itself, he can sense its presence. He asks a nearby police officer if he would believe him if he told him he was being followed by a yellow submarine, to which he replys no. Ringo, however, can't shake the idea out of his head. When he arrives home, the submarine lands at his doorstep. Old Fred franticly explains to him his situation and is let in.

Sea of TimeEdit

Sea of ScienceEdit

Sea of MonstersEdit

While in the sea of monsters Without thinking, Ringo pressed a button that ejected him from the safety of the yellow submarine and out into the wild of the Sea of Monsters. The group initially believes he is gone for good, but they soon find him on top of an unnamed monster that is running about. He is quickly brought back aboard. Not long after, a suckophant vacuums up everything in the Sea, including the submarine and eventually itself. The submarine has now landed in the Sea of Nothing.

Sea of NothingEdit

When the group reaches the Sea of Nothing, they encounter Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D. They observe that he is a nowhere man and sing the song of the same name. At the end, Ringo notices how lonely Jeremy is and asks him if he would like to join him, probably because he knows what it's like having experienced loneliness in Liverpool. When Jeremy accepts they continue their journey.

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Quotes Edit

The movie:

"I got a hole in me pocket!"-In the Sea of Holes

"I want me mum!"-In the Sea of Time

"Hey, would you believe me if I told you I was being followed by a yellow submarine?"-Asking the officer guy

"There's an eye in the apples."-When he sees Lord Mayor as a statue

The comic:

"Don't worry! Just keep a stiff upper lip!"-during the part where Paul gets a moustache

"I saved something too! Break-fast!"-When a dinosaur hatches out of the egg

"Gar! It's tough getting rid of help these days!"-While in the tub