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The Sea of Monsters is one of the locations in Yellow Submarine. It was of the seas the Beatles and Captain Fred had to get through to reach Pepper Land


The purple colored elephant monster is ejected into a sea inhabited by other weird monsters. Ringo presses the panic button on the submarine, ejecting him from the submarine and into the sea. He is seen riding one of the monsters, who tosses him around, and with the threat of Native American-like creatures, resulting in John pressing another button on the submarine, sending the US Cavalry to successfully defeat the Native Americans, rescuing Ringo. It is also where a monstrous "vacuum cleaner beast" sucks up all loose objects and people and then the entire landscape and finally itself, popping the submarine into a strange empty void.

Location AppearancesEdit

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Deleted Scene: Attack Of The Monsters Edit

Monsters Edit

Vacuum Man Edit

Vacuum Man

A large blue creature with a nozel-like appendage on its face. It is feared by all of the other creatures in the Sea of Monsters due to its ability to suck up anything it comes across. When the Beatles encounter this creature, it attempts to suck them up, which it succeeds in. It eventually sucks up everything else in the sea of monsters to the point he sucks himself up and implodes out of existence, with the Yellow Submarineescaping.

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